Newsletter (Nov 2015)

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 14) ILMEA Festival
  • Nov 18) University of Illinois Orchestra Clinic
  • Nov 19) Cookie Dough Delivery
  • Nov 24) Solo & Ensemble Registration Deadline
  • Dec 4) Prima Musica Perform @ Prelude Orchestra Concert
  • Dec 10) Holiday / Pops Concert
  • Dec 16) BOC Assembly

Read more about each event below.

Prima Musica practicing on the day of the Fall Play performances.

ILMEA Festival (Nov 14)

Good luck to Andrew & Suzie as they perform with the esteemed ILMEA Orchestra!

University of Illinois Orchestra Clinic (Nov 18)
Cookie Dough Delivery (Nov 19)
  • Please, plan to pick up items by 4:00 PM.
  • Unfortunately, there is no room to store perishable items here at MSN.
  • If a student has fewer than 10 items, they can probably just take them home on the bus. However, if they have more than 10, the student should planned to be picked up as items can be quite heavy.
  • Students deliver all items.
Solo & Ensemble Contest Registration Deadline (Nov 24)
  • Students are gearing up to participate in the annual Solo & Ensemble Contest! It’s a great opportunity to perform in a small setting as a soloist or as a member of a small ensemble (generally, 2-4 students).
  • Solo & Ensemble Performance will be on February 20, 2016 in Lake Forest.
  • More information to be shared during rehearsals and sectionals.
    • Students & Parents can view the sign up list on Canvas on the Sectionals Page -> Click on “Solo & Ensemble Planning”
Prima Musica Ensemble Perform w/ Prelude Orchestra (Dec 4)
  • The Prima Musica Ensemble will be performing alongside MSS Silly Strings as the post-concert entertainment in the lobby of the High School Performing Arts Center (PAC).
  • Specific details to come soon… (right here in this newsletter).
Holiday / Pops Concert (Dec 10)
  • A few of the pieces students will be performing include:
    • Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.
    • A Syrian traditional folk tune, Bint El Shalabiya.
    • A swinging arragement of Jingle Bell Rock.
    • Klezmer music filled with krekhts, glitshn, and tshoks!
    • … and much more!
  • Details
    • 6:15 PM) Students Arrive in Orchestra Room
    • 7:00 PM) Performance
    • Attire: Orchestra Polo / Dress Pants -or- Holiday Sweater!
    • Bring treats or juice!
BOC Assembly (Dec 16)
  • Performers from Orchestra, Band, and Choir will be performing for their friends and teachers during school.
  • It’s a great opportunity to show off our hard work and success! Kids don’t have to participate in music ensembles, but these kids do and (the science agrees) will have a better life because of it.
Orchestra "Rules"

Orchestra “Rules” written by Jora & Madeleine