School House Rock!

Last night, at our annual Holiday/Pops Winter Concert the orchestra students rocked the house!

Thank you to Mrs. McKenna Serowka, Mrs. Kerry Conrad, and Mr. Jeff Platt for performing with the Chamber Orchestra!

Listen to the Concert!

Chamber Orchestra (7th & 8th Grade)

Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
Electric Strings: Preston, Madeleine, Jason
Electric Bass: Iman
Electric Guitar: Srinu, Mr. Platt
Drums: Bryan
Soloists: Andrew, Nandini, Preston

Hanukkah Lights
Cajón: Mr. Broach

Bint El Shalabiya – Syrian Folk Song
Electric Strings: Andrew, Suzie, Jora
Electric Bass: Xander
Drums: Mr. Broach
Soloists: Preston, Suzie, Andrew

Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
Electric Strings: Annette, Peter, Josh
Electric Bass: Xander
Electric Guitar: Bryce, Mr. Platt
Drums: Jason

Jingle Bell Rock (includes 6th grade)
Drums: Mr. Broach
Cajón: Jason

Intermezzo Orchestra (6th Grade)

Skaters’ Waltz – Waldteufel
Cajón: Emma

Intrada. “Pas des Deuz” – Tchaikovsky

You Rock!
Soloists: William, Ryan, Raduan, Nick
Drums: Mr. Broach

Prima Musica Ensemble

Suzy Snowflake

Silent Night

Ukranian Bell Carol

19 thoughts on “School House Rock!

  • Rushed beginning of intrada and did not play low 2 and off beat. Great job on You Rock! 7th and 8th grade covered the 6th graders on Jingle Bell Rock!

  • In the beginning of Intrada, Mr. Broach rushed us. On Skaters Waltz, at the beginning, I messed up on the cajon drum. The Ukranian Bell Carol was awesome!!!! It is my favorite Christmas song, and it was great! I also thought that Bint El Shalabia was a great song too. It had a good tune!!

  • Great music selection! The electric strings really fit for this concert were really enjoyable. Both intermezzo and chamber orchestra did great!

  • More student comments…

    “I thought we did fantastic! We played jingle bell rock best, because all the 6th 7th and 8th graders came together to play that one song!” – Sam C. (6)

    “I think we did awesome!! Jingle Bell Rock I could have practiced more on the ending I fell behind. I know we didn’t really think we could do Intrada and jingle bell rock but we did better than ever!! Great job!” – Ada C. (6)

    “I thought we did very well during Intrada with dynamics and watching Mr. Broach when we had to slow down. I also thought we did very well with being loud during the melodie and when the music told us to be loud. Also I thought we did well with You Rock the cellos keeping the beat and I also thought that the melodie could have been a little louder and the cellos maybe just slightly quieter during the violin melodie, otherwise we did great. Also maybe the soloists could have played a little louder but great job!” – Lindsey S. (6)

    “We weren’t so polite during the other performances.” – Sam B. (6)

  • I think that we should play the electric instruments because they are a lot more fun than acoustic insteremnts, at least I think so.

  • I thought, overall, it was a successful performance. The one comment that I had was that, in Hannukah Lights, the violins did not have any dynamic change. Because of that, none of the other sections were heard. In Kashmir, the dynamics were spot on. However, some people got to 51 too early.

  • I believe we could have done better on Kashmir as there was a point in the middle where we messed up and had to readjust.

  • I think that we did awesome in rhythms and staying in tempo but we need to work on making sure the melody is the main part the audience hears. Especially in Kashmir and sunshine. Also on Bint El Shalabiya, when the solos were happening, it was to hear the soloists.

  • I think I slipped up once or twice on Bint El Shalabya on the electric bass but we did great on all the songs!

  • Great Job everyone! I loved the Prima music! The concert was great although a lot of us need to stay in unison as I found that that was hard to do.

  • On Bint El Shalabiya we weren’t really together at the beginning of the song.
    I liked how we were in tune for the songs.

  • All the grades played amazingly, and I thoroughly enjoyed both performances, and the Prima Musica performance as well. All the solos were well constructed and practiced. Jingle Bell Rock, Intrada, and Sunshine of Your Love were by far the best in this concert. We got a little off beat in Kashmir I feel, but we quickly caught back onto the beat, it was not very noticeable at all, so that’s good. Overall, this was a great performance! Great job everyone!

  • Hello,
    I though overall the performance was done well. I thought our rhythm was great for all our songs though as always a here are things we could improve on, like dynamics and others.
    Good Job!

  • I think we did good in Skaters Waltz by coming together after we were apart after the beginning .
    I think we could of done better in Intrada by coming in on the right beats and keeping the right tempo.
    I think we did good in You Rock! by doing beautiful solos.

  • I think we did very well overall in all of the songs! I accidentally played a 3 instead of a 2 in Intrada, and I couldn’t really hear the solos that well in You Rock.

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