Newsletter (May/April 2016)

Hello Ork Fans & Orklings!

The end of the year is nearing and we have quite a few great events coming up! Here’s a snapshot:

Upcoming Events

  • April 6) The Viper Workshop #1 @ MSN during school
  • May 3) Prima Musica Perform @ Young Author’s Celebration (LZHS), 5:30pm
  • May 4) The Viper Workshop #2 @ MSN during school
  • May 19) The Viper Workshop #3 @ MSN during school
  • May 19) Orchestra Concert @ MSN, 7pm
  • May 21) Orchestra (band & chorus too) Trip to Great America (for fun!)
  • May 25) Orchestra (band & chorus too) Awards Night @ Concord Banquet Hall

The Viper is Coming…


The Viper w/ Banjo-ukulele.

…and he’ll be here in two weeks!

Mr. Broach’s longtime friend and band-mate, “The Viper” (also known as Dr. Ryan Jerving) will be performing with the orchestras at our final concert of the year on May 19!

Describing himself, The Viper writes, “burdened with the sharp vinegar of truth, The Viper delivers a powerful blend of street-corner jazz, front porch country, and meeting meeting-hall agitprop.”

In simpler words, he writes that he plays, “the kind of music your great-great-great-grandparents warned your great-great-grandparents about”.

You can read more about The Viper & His Famous Orchestra (of which Mr. Broach is the bassist) at

What are we playing?

The Viper has composed four tunes in various styles for us to perform. First, the Intermezzo Orchestra will accompany The Viper in The Last Call Waltz, where they have just begun transcribing the melody by ear.


  • The Chamber Orchestra will be performing Hotzeplotz Calls and Let Not Life Far From these Fingers Flee / My Dog has Fleas.
  • The Intermezzo Orchestra will be performing The Last Call Waltz.



The Viper w/ Mr. Broach on bass performing at the annual Kneel to Neil (Young) festival in Milwaukee, WI.