We came, we sang, we kicked tubs!

Hey, good people…

Jora screaming at the end of “The Monsters Are Coming” (photo by Annabelle H)

The orchestra concert last night was a great time! It was a musical celebration featuring music for singing, dancing, loving, gondoliering, and dreaming. Oh yeah, and nightmares too. The orchestras prepared their music for the past few months and showed off their hard work last night with some memorable moments. They performed music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven and other greats, such as: Franz Liszt, Georges Bizet, Jacques Offenbach, and, of course, our very own living composer-in-residence, The Viper.

The Monsters Are Coming – The Game! (variations)

In addition to performing a handful of Classical standards, the orchestras were joined by The Viper who workshopped with students for the past few months on two of his original compositions: Just That Good and The Monsters are Coming. Along with The Viper the students help create their own arrangement of his pieces and performed them last night to an enthusiastic crowd. You can listen to all of the pieces at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B55aOhCf7VF5VFdpNFdGcnBvQms.

I hear what you say…

Intermezzo Orchestra Students said…
  • I think the concert was fun. Overall we played well and we played better than some rehearsals. I think we should work on intonation and articulation more. My favorite part was when we were completely silent before Three Chorus Meal, and then we exploded into a pleasant medley of melodies and harmonies and I think it sounded so cool. – Michelle F
  • Thank you for helping us prepare for the concert and even helping me. – Ryan P
  • I think the concert was great. I had a lot of fun. Especially when we were using the wash tubs. – Adrian W
  • I think we did great last night because we stayed together and did not rush. – Grant H
  • I think we did a good job staying together during three chorus meal and we stayed together during Barcalolle. In Barcarolle it sounded very nice and relaxed. – Amelia K
  • I performed well during our concert. I was focused on the music I was playing. I always knew where we were in the music, and in the occasions where something went off track I was back on track right away. – Rani E
  • At the concert, I thought that it went well. When the Chamber Orchestra was performing, the intermezzo orchestra was very quiet and good listening. When we were performing, we did not rush. – Nolan Z
  • Concert was awesome! I liked THREE CHORUS MEAL and JUST THAT GOOD. Three Chorus Meal was really good because there was a TOTAL SILENCE at the end, and everyone played on correct volume. Just That Good was really fun to play because there was Viper singing, and there was washers playing, and……. SINGING! This was really fun, and memorable. These are my favorite songs in the last 6th grade concert that we had. – Chihiro M
Chamber Orchestra Students said…
  • Our music was played with passion. – Emma R
  • GamersHQNikko tweeted about the concert!

    The best part of the concert was The Monsters are Coming because of the learning that went into it and how well we played the arrangement and with accurate bowing and tone quality. For next year’s final concert we should do a jazz style piece for variety. – Ryan B

  • I think we played very well through all of songs. But I  do feel like during The Monsters Are Coming during the game during the different rhythms we could have practiced them a little bit more because they were either too fast or too slow or just not the correct beat. – Lindsey S
  • For the concert I liked Pastoral Symphony the best because I felt as if we were together more and we knew when to come in and we weren’t too fast. I also like the end of Monsters because of when Jora screamed it was funny and I think it went along with the song. – Elizabeth O
  • I think this concert was one of our best this year. Monsters was very fun to do and the dynamic contrast in Pastoral Symphony was great. I think we could have done better with symphony #3 because we’ve done better on it and we just haven’t played it for a while so we were kinda rusty. – Raduan M
  • You should include ice cream next time. We did good for monsters. We did good in things like monsters and pastoral symphony yes. – Katrina N
  • I think that the concert went really well for these reasons: the dynamics sounded really good; I think that everyone nailed the rhythms; no one had no idea what to play during Monsters; Liebestraum really did sound like a dream; the dynamics in Pastoral were amazing (when we had to be piano we were playing in whispers and when we had to play forte we played like we were yelling); I think that, for the basses, measures 68-76 in Pastoral, the entrance that we made and the crescendo that we did sounded really good; I can’t really think about anything else. – Rewa S
  • I think we played good dynamics in all the songs except for monsters. Monsters are coming could’ve been more practiced. For me, I still didn’t know how to play the retrograde inversion. But overall it was a fun concert, but we should have practiced the songs more. – Ada C
  • Overall I felt we did pretty well in the concert but a few details could’ve been better. In Pastoral we were a little off around measure 22, and we weren’t completely in tune or together in Symphony Number 3. During the Game in Monsters we would get confused and fade out or not play very loudly, so more practice would probably have benefited us. – Bella B
  • Overall, I think that the concert was okay. We probably should have practiced Symphony 3, and Minuet once before we performed. I did not like The Monsters are Coming, it kind of stood out among the rest of the Beethoven, and I feel that it subtracted from the overall quality of our concert. – Emma M
  • I believe that we should have worked on the other songs. Our rhythmic accuracy was off and because we didn’t practice much, our intonation was off. I believe we should practice all songs equally and not favor one song over the others. However, I still had plenty of fun. – Annette S
  • I think students need to practice more to improve their overall tone. Students need to stop joking around in class and not waste rehearsal time tuning as a group. Some overall progress was made on Symphony but rhythms still need drastic improvements. – Madison C
  • On our Beethoven songs  I think we did fairly well, we stayed together and mostly played dynamics. In Pastoral Symphony some of the violas were rushing but we got back on track during the quiet section. The monsters Are Coming was probably the best we played it. We played with more enthusiasm – but where were all the fidget spinners? Overall we could have done more dynamics and composers intent type things like accents, sfs, and different bowing styles, but our rhythm and note accuracy was good and everyone focused and did a good job. 🙂 – Madeleine L
  • I think that I did better than all the other performance that i did I and I think I changed my attitude too being more open to other who can hall me improve. – Emily Q
  • Went out with a bang, big enough to launch us into high school. – Aiman N
  • I think that we played all the music well but the monster are coming song, I think that was the best. When I was driving home my mom and me were singing the monsters are coming in the car. It was fun. – Kaitlyn A
Letter #1 to The Viper

Hey The Viper!

Thank you for being our special guest for our concert! I loved the songs you wrote and how the parts fit with one another. Thank you for giving us violas a soli, as we don’t get many big parts in our songs most of the time. I loved the beginning of the soli and the whole 12 bar blues style in general!

Michelle F

Letter #2 to The Viper

something that i liked about the concert was the dramatic dynamic changes throughout the three Beethoven songs. i think that our orchestra has always done pretty well with dynamics but i don’t think it’s ever been as accurate and dramatic as how we performed at the concert. my dad hasn’t ever really played instruments and doesn’t know much about music and he even told me that he liked how we played really soft and then changed to really loud quickly. i also think jora’s scream was a good addition to the song and my family with the rest the audience seemed to really like it.

Savannah M