Orchestra Celebrates with Awards Banquet

251 Students in attendance for the BOC Awards Banquet (2017)

Yesterday, the orchestra celebrated the end of the year at the annual Orchestra Awards Banquet. Together with band and chorus students, 251 students enjoyed an evening of fancy dinner, a DJ dance party, and awards ceremony. It was a great night to reminisce on the past year and recognize students for their stellar achievements!

Award Winners

Most Valuable Performer: Jora P
Leadership & Top Performer: Annette S
Top Performers Gr 8: Madeleine L, Peter F, Madison C
Top Performers Gr 7: William C, Dylan D, Lindsey S
Top Performers Gr 6: Andrew B, Michelle F, Nathan P, Lynette S
Positive Attitude: Bella B, Ryan B, Nolan Z
Most Improved: Alex P, Emma R, Sharanya R
Hard Worker: Olivia N, Nathan B, Roxanne L
Eyes on Conductor: Tyler E, Raduan M, Andrew T
Dedication: Ryan K, Freya F, Xander V

Jora P (Most Valuable Performer)

Madeleine L (Top Performer, Gr 8)

Andrew B (Top Performer, Gr 6)

BOC Most Valuable Performers. Nikko (band), Alex & Alina (chorus), Jora (orchestra)

Student Leader Speech

I was completely moved by our student leader speech last night! Jora & Annette, with the help of Madeleine & Xander, gave an excellent speech that got to the heart of why I love teaching. It’s not (necessarily) about making music but instead something bigger. They said…

Jora: In Orchestra, we have been taught a lot over the last three years. Everything from technique to music theory has been rammed into our heads. We have learned how to be good musicians. However, we have also been taught something more important, and while tetra-chords are great , these lessons will resonate throughout our life. Mr. Broach has taught three of the most important skills in life: Community, Collaboration, and Creativity.

Annette: First, Community. Community is about being aware of your surroundings. To be able to see when someone is struggling and offer them help. To be able to realize that I have been standing on the podium for two minutes now and finally quiet down. To be able to recognize when Mr Broach is about to snap his baton in half out of anger and actually listen to him for once.

JoraSecondly, Mr. Broach has taught us about collaboration. Collaboration is being able to work with others around and communicate with them to create a final product. By seating us in circles with our section, we are able to collaborate to share ideas, share technique, or sometimes share a forced laugh over a terrible pun. Madeleine, I’m looking at you.

*This is where Jora gave an eye-roll to Madeleine.

Annette: Thirdly, we have mastered the most important skill in life, creativity. With the help of The Viper, we learned a new form of music. Thinking out of the box to head-arrange unconventional songs, using unconventional instruments. Mr. Broach always encouraged us to push our creativity to the limits. If one of us had an idea that would contribute to the piece, Mr. Broach always kept an open mind and welcomed our ideas, even if the ‘idea’ was an ear-splitting shriek.

Jora: Without a doubt, Mr. Broach has taught us universal skills that can be applied in daily life. While we leave Mr. Broach, these main principles will never disappear and follow us as we grow older.

Annette: To conclude, our message to the seventh graders is to always remember what Orchestra means to you. Use that as your motivation to spend time practicing, but not while Mr broach is  talking. We wish you luck next year and hope you carry the legacy of Orchestra. Also, try not to miss us 8th graders that much.

Jora: Finally, we want to share our gratitude towards Mr broach for being a mentor and keeping up with the outrageous personalities in Orchestra. We are extremely grateful for the time we have been able to spend in orchestra, improving as musicians and as people over the last three years. To finalize our goodbyes, we would like to call up a few people to share their favorite memories from  Orchestra.

Annette: Please welcome Xander V. Please tell us your favorite memory of orchestra.

*This is where Xander gave an impromptu speech about learning to play electric bass. He opened his speech looking out to the crowd of 400+ people with, “man, there’s a lot of people out there.”

*Then Madeleine took the microphone away from Xander and announced a special gift the orchestra got for Mr. Broach – a brand new ukulele!

Mr. Broach, Mr. Stenzel, and Ms. Lemke hanging out at Banquet (2017)

Student Choice Award Winners

Most Likely to Perform in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Annette S, William C, Lynette S

High Voltage Award, Positive Influence on Class
Jora P, Nathan B, Andrew B

Leadership Award
Peter F, Freya F, Michelle F

Pencil Award, Always Prepared Award
Madeleine L, Raduan M, Sharanya R

Most Likely to Perform in a Rock Band
Xander V, Emma R, Ryan K

Bustin’ it up on the dance floor (Banquet 2017)