Maestro Lyra Conducts Beethoven

Lyra expressing Beethoven’s words, “awakening of cheerful feelings upon arrival in the countryside”

On Friday, May 26, the Chamber Orchestra had the distinct pleasure of performing under the baton of Maestro Lyra Broachdóttir. The orchestra members were attentive to her subtle yet emotive gestures as they performed with great care to fully express the composer’s intent.

Maestro Lyra and the Chamber Orchestra opened with the First Movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, the “Pastoral Symphony.” After a few words of inspiration, Maestro Lyra gave her cue to start.

The orchestra members were amazed by her experience and leadership.

  • “I’ve never seen anything like it,” remarked a violinist.
  • “Her enthusiasm was contagious,” added a cellist.
  • “Even her hair was expressive,” commented a violist.
  • “Mr. Broach could learn a thing or two,” retorted a bassist.

Lyra sharing her worldy experience with the violin section.

Lyra inspiring cellists by her gaze. She meant to point at her eyes and give the “I’m watching you” gesture, but her mouth got in the way.

In a thick accent, “low 2’s, low 2’s!”

Lyra giving her “I’m watching you” gesture again.

Violist intently listening to words of wisdom from Maestro Lyra.

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