Newsletter (September 2017)

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Aug 31 Sectional Classes Begin Download the Sectional Schedule (2017-18)
Wednesday, Sept 6 Prima Musica Auditions After School. Students will be able to take the late bus home. Let Mr. Broach know that you want to audition!
Thursday, Sept 14 ILMEA Audition Registration Deadline to register for ILMEA Auditions with Mr. Broach.
Saturday, Sept 23 ILMEA Auditions Optional Event. Read more information at the ILMEA Festival page.
Thursday, Oct 26 Orchestra Concert Our first concert of the year! 7 PM @ MSN Cafeteria
Saturday, Nov 5 ILMEA Festival Optional Event. Wauconda HS. All Day. Read more information at the ILMEA Festival page.
Saturday, Nov 15 U of I Orchestra Clinic Orchestra Field Trip to Niles West HS. 6th Grade Orchestra only. Perform with MSS.

Orchestra Parent Night

If you missed Orchestra Parent Night (or just can’t get enough orchestra) here are a few documents that I shared – or at least promised I’d share with you. 🙂

Sectional Classes

All orchestra students attend sectional classes once per week to work on instrument / grade level specific curricula. In these lessons students study many facets of music from instrumental performance, composition, improvisation, interpretation, music theory, music history, conducting, and much more. These lessons are an integral part of the orchestra curriculum as much of what is learned in these lessons is not covered during regular rehearsal time.

Rotating Schedule
These classes are on a rotating five-week schedule to prevent a student from missing any one class regularly. We try to remain stringent with the schedule, but in the (hopefully, rare) event a student has to miss a sectional, one solution is for the student to attend a sectional at a different time (after school, another period, etc.). We always try to stick with the schedule so students are partnered up in homogeneous grouping.

Download the Sectional Schedule (2017-18)

Prima Musica Ensemble

Prima Musica (2016-17). Performing at the annual BOC Assembly.

Auditions for Prima Musica will be after school on Wednesday, September 6. At the auditions students will play various excerpts of the following music for me as well as be asked to “raise their right hand and vow to work hard” if accepted into the group. 🙂

View the audition music at Prima Musica Google Drive Folder -> Audition (2017) folder.

ILMEA Festival & Auditions

Every year select students may audition to participate in the elite ILMEA Orchestra at the Festival. Over 60 schools from the North/Northwest suburbs participate and select students are chosen to represent their school upon passing the audition.

Let Mr. Broach know if you would like to audition by September 14. The cost for the audition is $8.

Read more…

Orchestra Concert

Violinist dressed as a banana.

Every year, around Halloween (this year Oct 26), the orchestras perform Halloween themed music. Each year has a special theme where Mr. Broach and students dress up in sometimes scary, sometimes funny costumes. This concert is a great opportunity to have an excuse to dress up in a costume and play your instrument!

More information to come as the event nears.

University of Illinois Orchestra Clinic

Every year, the Intermezzo Orchestra (6th grade) participates in the University of Illinois Orchestra Consortium held at Niles West High School in Skokie, IL. These students perform for two esteemed professors from the University as well as receive a post-performance rehearsal clinic. Students will be performing three musical selections with the students in the Intermezzo Orchestra from Middle School South. The orchestra will be quite large with over 60-70 members performing!

More information to come as the event nears.