Newsletter (December 2017)

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Dec 6 Beginning Orchestra Concert Members of Prima Musica perform at the 4th Grade Concert @ May Whitney
Thursday, Dec 7 Prelude Orchestra Concert Members of Prima Musica perform at the 5th Grade Concert @ LZHS Performing Arts Center
Tuesday, Dec 19 Orchestra Concert Holiday / Pops Concert, 7 PM
Wednesday, Dec 20 BOC Assembly Orchestra, Band, and Choir performing for the annual BOC Assembly, 1:30 PM.

Prima Musica Performs for Elementary Orchestras

Every year, the Prima Musica Ensemble shows off their extra hard work in performance at the Elementary Orchestra Winter Concerts. This year, we are trying something a little different where we will split the group into two as the two elementary concerts are on consecutive days.

Prima Musica members, let Mr. Broach know on which event you want to perform. Do you want to perform at the Fourth Grade Concert on December 6 or the Fifth Grade Concert on December 7? Or both?

Holiday / Rock Concert (Dec 19)

MSN’s Electric Cello and Amplifier

The annual Holiday / Rock Concert is nearing on Tuesday, December 19! This is our opportunity to perform music from more contemporary genres such as: rock, jazz, folk, and more!

Concert Attire
Why do musicians have a dress code for concerts? The goal is to keep the focus on the music and to limit distractions for the audience. If most performers adhere to a dress code and one performer only has brightly colored gym shoes and white socks, it draws unwanted attention away from the music. So, to limit distractions we ask all performers to wear….

  • the Orchestra Polo
  • black dress pants or a long skirt
  • dress shoes with black socks or hose

Concert Reminders

  • Students arrive to orchestra room at 6:15 PM to tune, warm-up, prepare, etc.
  • Food / Juice delivered to the back tables prior to the concert. Usually, a parent helper simply takes control to spread out the treats and fill cups with juice, etc.
  • Be sure your iPad is charged!

Read more about the concert at our event page!

BOC Assembly (Dec 20)

Prima Musica (2016-17). Performing at the annual BOC Assembly.

Every year, the Orchestra, Band, and Choir performs for the school in the gymnasium. It’s inspiring to actually see all of our LZMSN stduents in one room with roughly half of them performing for the other half. It’s a testament to the motivation and engagement in our students to participate in endeavors that are hard. Our students know that, “when we do hard things, we better ourselves.”

Performance Attire
Wear regular school clothes, but you may want to wear your favorite/best school outfit as you will be performing in front of your friends and other teachers.