We are learning to Collaborate!

So the other day, Mr. Broach was out sick and gave instructions to the Intermezzo Orchestra (6th graders) to run rehearsal with student conductors. Don’t worry it wasn’t anything new, as we had practiced many times with students conducting the orchestra. The only difference was that Mr. Broach wasn’t around to help out – just a substitute who didn’t know much about music. So it was up to the students to get through their rehearsal.

Anyway, apparently, the rehearsal was as students put it, “the worst day of orchestra ever” and “orchestra was total chaos today.”

Student Reflections

Here are student responses to some of the questions we asked the following day.

Define Collaboration

  • Collaboration means to work together, share ideas, focus and discuss on a topic. Stay on topic and do it with others.
  • Collaboration is working together and helping each other.
  • Collaboration means that you work together and are respectful.

On a scale of 1-5, how well did our rehearsal go?

  • On a scale of 1-5, it was a 1 because of me.
  • We scored a 2 out of 5. Some people were trying to stop people from talking.

What kept us from scoring higher?

  • Not going by schedule. No talking or playing when someone is on the podium.
  • Lack of quality traits (listening, being mature, following directions, etc.).
  • Everyone was doing their own thing.

What does a “5” rehearsal look like?

  • Making sure that everyone has a voice and not seeing themselves higher.
  • Sitting in our seats. Not touching things we’re not supposed to.
  • Getting back on task if you are off task.
  • Letting the student conductor conduct. No fighting over who gets to conduct.
  • Not be off task when someone tells you to be on task. Respect people around you.
  • Being quiet when asked to. Having fun that is under control. Be respectful to peers.
  • Everyone respecting each other, and the podium.
  • Everyone accepting constructive criticism. Quiet when appropriate, but at certain times a slight whisper.
  • People are only playing their instruments in transition time. Also people don’t have side conversations.
  • A 5 looks like people listening and a restraint on behavior – also working hard and effective effort.
  • There is a conductor getting everybody’s attention.
  • We get through the schedule effectively.
  • When someone is on the podium people are quiet.