Newsletter (Jan/Feb 2018)

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Feb 21 Bistro Nite Optional opportunity for Solo & Ensemble participants to perform their piece in front of an audience.
Saturday, Feb 24 Solo & Ensemble Contest All 7th & 8th graders and many 6th graders performing solos and/or in small ensembles.
Wednesday, Mar 7 North StringFest String Festival with Middle School and Elementary Orchestras
Saturday, Mar 10 Organization Contest Chamber Orchestra performing at Regional Contest

Bistro Nite (optional)

Prima Musica at Bistro Nite (2014)

On Wednesday, February 21, the Orchestra (with Band & Choir) will host the annual Bistro Nite from 6:00 – 8:00 in the MSN Cafetorium. Bistro Nite is an evening of music, a social gathering and a chance for students to perform their solo or ensemble before the big day at Solo & Ensemble Contest. This is no regular concert where the audience sits and listens quietly. This is an evening where all are welcome to come and go when they choose. Audience members can stay as long as desired to enjoy the performances, eat good bake-sale food, mingle with others, and have a great time! Be sure to bring money for treats.

If students want to perform at Bistro Nite, they should let Mr. Broach know asap. Since there are limited performance slots available, a lottery may be used to determine which students perform. We encourage all BOC students to attend the evening even if they are not performing. This is a great opportunity for them to support their peers.

More information can be found on the event page at Bistro Nite 2018.

Solo & Ensemble Contest

Violin & Bass duet warming up at S&E Contest.

On February 24, all 7th & 8th grade students and many 6th graders will participate in Solo & Ensemble Contest at Big Hollow MS. Students are performing a solo and/or in a small ensemble. Students may perform a solo if taking private lessons, or perform as part of a small ensemble, typically consisting of 2 to 5 performers. Students perform for a judge and receive scores in a number of categories: Intonation, Tone Production, Phrasing, Note/Pitch Accuracy, Articulation, Dynamics, Balance/Blend, and Stage Presence. Medals, including the coveted perfect score pin, will be awarded to those performers who receive high scores.

Practice, practice, practice! At this point, with just over a month to go, students should be practicing their pieces consistently. If they are in an ensemble they should be getting together outside of school to work on their music together. This can be done after school here in the orchestra room on most days.

Soloists need an accompanist. If you are performing a solo, you will need a piano accompanist to play with you. I have a list of piano players and their contact information posted in the orchestra room that you can use to procure an accompanist. Hopefully, some of these accompanists can come rehearse with you during our regular rehearsal time in a practice room.

Cost. The cost is $7 per event per performer. I sent a current balance of money owed to all students via email. This cost should be reflected in this email.

More information can be found on the event page at Solo & Ensemble 2018.

North StringFest

We are gearing up to show off our awesome work to our younger orchestra peers at the upcoming North StringFest on Wednesday, March 7. Stay tuned for more information on the event page at North StringFest 2018.

Organization Contest (chamber only)

On Saturday, March 10, the Chamber Orchestra will be performing for three judges at the annual Northern Illinois Music Conference Organization Contest. We will be performing three pieces for the judges and following the performance will receive a short clinic with one of the judges.

More information to come in the next few weeks on the event page at Organization Contest 2018.