Reflections (March 2018)

We got through February & March in a blaze! The orchestra’s hard work paid off at our recent performances. On February 23, many students performed solos or in small ensembles at Solo & Ensemble Contest. Check out the performers who received perfect scores at the previous article, “Congratulations S&E Performers!“.

Then on March 7, the orchestras performed at the North StringFest for younger elementary orchestra students and their families.

If that wasn’t enough, just last weekend, the Chamber Orchestra performed at Organization Contest where they scored a Division I “Superior” Rating. Listen to the recording of one of the judges giving us live feedback as we perform. Read the judge’s scoring sheets.

All in all, congratulations to all the students for their hard work and dedication to making these performances awesome!

Mr. Tonaki leading a clinic with the Chamber Orchestra at NIMCon Organization Contest 2018.

Mr. Tonaki listening carefully to the Chamber Orchestra at NIMCon Organization Contest 2018

Student Reflections

Yesterday, I asked the students to reflect on their experiences in the past few weeks/months. Here are some of their answers to the following questions…

What makes our orchestra great? Where can we improve?

  • The many different personalities of the people is a great thing. Working together is something we need to work on.
  • The thing that makes orchestra great is it cheers you up when you are down and is a beautiful thing to listen to. We could improve on 100% being focused and being on time to the class because we only have a little bit of time to make our music sound beautiful. Another thing that makes orchestra great is for different songs you can get different tones and or feeling told it is almost like telling a story.
  • What makes our orchestra great is that we have people of all skills that help others improve in their sore spots during rehearsals/practices/thirdperiodbusiness. We could improve on staying on task, paying attention to the podium, and sounding together.

What are Mr. Broach’s strengths? Where could he improve?

  • Mr. Broach I know you are reading this so…yeah. Mr broach is good at connecting with us yet also gives us the right instruction. My opinion is that he doesn’t have a full grip on all of the orchestra and that he needs some assistance telling the non-participants to either get out or participate, because these is orchestra not a YouTube party.
  • Mr. Broach’s strengths are that he isn’t afraid to make us better, and really cares about his job and whether we sound good or not. He could improve by giving consequences to kids who won’t be quiet and listen, because they are a destruction to kids who actually like orchestra and want to improve their playing.
  • Mr. Broach is a really fun and he challenges us. I enjoy going to each lesson so I can improve on a certain song or section, learn new fingerings, and also have more time to play and improve on my instrument. Mr. Broach teaches us something new everyday and I enjoy having him as our conductor.

Why Orchestra?

  • Because I had a bully on me in 3rd grade who would always criticize me and one day he said hat I would never be smart enough to play the instrument he had which was a viola and I have used this in my playing to prove that jerk wrong.
  • I chose orchestra because it is my passion. I want to proceed with it through try life and maybe be an orchestra teacher when I am older. I love my teachers and friends I have gotten from being in orchestra. I was not planning to do orchestra this year but I am glad I did this has been a amazing experience.
  • I wanted to try something new and my parents did not want me to do it so I did it anyway. And my parents say in order to get a car in High school we have to play a sport through school play an instrument through school and have good grades.
  • I like making the music and enjoy listening to it. I like how the different skills and things we learn make the music sound different throughout the song which is what makes it unique. I also wanted to continue with orchestra because my parents like to hear me play my instrument and want me to stay engaged in it. It will also help me with math as this hear is my first time in an advanced math class.
  • I used to think orchestra would be really easy but I was wrong until being in middle school and I also chose it because it sounds cool.
  • Because my parent already bought an instrument for me.
  • Because it is fun and help my brain. It helps me be able to look for patterns in things in real life.
  • Why not, i tried it in 4th grade and I just had the ear for classical music. I just love classical music and I think at this point music is an essential part of my life.

How many hours a day do you spend listening to music?

How does orchestra contribute to your stress level?

What is your SECOND favorite instrument?

Interestingly, when analyzed by what instrument students play and what is their second favorite instrument, we find that…

  • …violinists tend to choose cello as their second favorite instrument.
  • …violists are pretty divided on violin and cello.
  • …cellists are divided on all of the other three instruments.
  • …bassists choose the viola or cello over the violin.

How is music like food?

  • It’s a daily necessity.
  • You need it to survive.
  • I need it daily.
  • There is many different types of food and there are different types music.
  • It’s not like food at all.
  • You can consume it.
  • When you like a specific song all you want to do is listen to it, just like food, when you like a specific food all you want to do is eat it.
  • Music can be rich and so can food. Food can be satisfing and so can music.
  • It can be rich and dark like chocolate, or it can be light and colorful like cotton candy.
  • Music is like food because it is rich, and flavorful. It gives you lots of feelings and you have a favorite and least favorite.
  • Music is like food because many people like food, and many people like music. Food could make people happy, like how music can make people happy.