Newsletter (April 2018)

Upcoming Events

Friday, Apr 27 Composer in Residence Workshop #1 The Viper, our composer in residence, workshops with both orchestras and in 8th grade lessons.
Tuesday, May 9 Composer in Residence Workshop #2 The Viper returns to workshop with both orchestras, in 6th grade lessons, and with Prima Musica.
Thursday, May 17 Composer in Residence Workshop #3 The Viper returns yet again to workshop with both orchestras and in 6th grade lessons.
Thursday, May 17 Final Concert Final concert of the year. 
Wednesday, May 23 Awards Banquet Celebrate our Achievements in Orchestra.

The Viper Returns!

Our Composer in Residence, The Viper (aka Dr. Ryan Jerving), returns to Lake Zurich MS North for a fourth year to compose original music for our orchestras!

Last November, The Viper & His Famous Orchestra (including Mr. Broach on bass!) performed in Lake Zurich to showcase past compositions as well as give a glimpse at some new possible songs that we could arrange for our orchestras to perform. The Viper received some feedback on what you want to hear and he’s busy at work putting together his plan for this year!

You can read about and listen to last year’s Composer in Residence Project with The Viper at We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Tubs!

Final Concert

The final concert of the year will be held on Thursday, May 17 @ 7 PM in the LZMSN Cafetorium. At the final concert we will bid a bittersweet adieu to the 8th graders, perform music from a wide range of eras, as well as perform music from our very own Composer in Residence, The Viper!

Read more about the concert on the event page.

Awards Banquet

At the end of every year (this year on May 23) students are awarded for their accomplishments at the annual BOC Awards Banquet. The evening begins with a formal dinner, followed by a DJ & dance, and ends in an awards ceremony where all orchestra students (band and choir too) are recognized for their participation in orchestra and select students are awarded for their extraordinary achievements in orchestra.

Orchestra Portfolios

This year, I started sending students a semi-regular update of their progress in orchestra. It includes information such as:

  • Mastery Level of Performing Scales
  • Mastery Level of Music Theory Knowledge
  • Written feedback from me on various points in the year on performance.
  • Solo & Ensemble Accomplishments
  • Lesson Attendance

Check out this sample Orchestra Portfolio Sheet that students receive every few weeks when I update information.