Orchestra Celebrates with Awards Banquet (2018)

On Wednesday, May 23, the orchestra celebrated the end of the year at the annual Orchestra Awards Banquet. Together with band and chorus students, 261 students enjoyed an evening of fancy dinner, a DJ dance party, and an awards ceremony. It was a great night to reminisce on the past year and recognize students for their stellar achievements!

Award Winners

Most Valuable Performer: Freya F
Leadership & Top Performer: Nathan B, William C
Top Performers Gr 8: Lindsey S, Rewa S, Ryan B
Top Performers Gr 7: Andrew B, Ryan K, Nathan P, Lynette S
Top Performers Gr 6: Ethan C, Theresa F, Grace H, Emily H
Positive Attitude: Emma R, Amelia K, Anya F
Most Improved: Nikko G, Diana G, Thomas C
Hard Worker: Savannah M, Michelle F, Zach L
Eyes on Conductor: Sydney K, Eddie E, Drew M
Dedication: Sam B, Sharanya R, Neha S

Student Choice Winners

Most Likely to Perform in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
William C, Lynette S, Ethan C

High Voltage Award, Positive Influence on Class
Nathan B, Nolan Z, Joe G

Leadership Award
Freya F, Ryan K, Grace H

Pencil Award, Always Prepared Award
Emma R, Andrew B, Anya F

Most Likely to Perform in a Rock Band
Ryan B, Sharanya R, Zach L

Orchestra President & Vice-President Speeches

Hello I’m Freya, ork bjord president and I’m William, ork Bjord Vice President. We just wanted to start off by saying how great this year has been and how much everyone has improved. We’ve all had a fun 3 years, band orchestra and choir, and we have a few words to say about orchestra. This year, we started giving out ork-awards to recognize those who are growing as a player and a person. So, congrats to everyone who has gotten one this year, and let’s hope this new tradition lives on. And by the way, we still have one more for may that will announce tomorrow or something.

Oof stuff:
orchestra has created so many memories over the years, including the first day of school in sixth grade when you are lost and can’t find find the classroom to just yesterday when we started practicing a new song called twinkle twinkle Lyra star.
And we can all agree that the viper was the highlight of orchestra every year, especially when we have to download 17 copies of the same music. He has also taught us many things like head arrangements and singing. Some of our best and most fun moments come from the viper aka the yodeling kid. And as
some of you may know, Mr. Broach had a baby last year, our other fun special guest, Lyra. She conducted a few of our songs while we played for her, and we can all agree she’s the cutest! And over the years, we’ve played some fun songs, some of our favorites were pastoral symphony, bohemian rhapsody, Kashmir, and devils dream. With these songs, and many more, we’ve all improved, whether you’ve been at the middle school for 1 or 3 years. Mr broach teaches us to be respectful and engaged in social skills and different bow techniques and styles on our instruments. We’ve all improved even without help whether it be confidence, skill, or just general love for orchestra. But Mr Broach specifically has guided our paths.

and now since we don’t have much time, we are going to say a bunch of words and phrases that may bring memories of orchestra.

(Freya grabs present during this next part)

  • Hand turkey
  • Muppets habenera
  • Snapping of the baton
  • Ork-a-forest
  • Celli, specifically all of our girl cellists and then Eddie
  • Violation nation
  • Awesome bassists
  • Violins Never knowing what section your in
  • Boogie man blues
  • St. Louis
  • Reverse seating and all other fun seatings
  • Sams a furry

Thanks for an amazing year and past years, and we have one final question for you, are you team broachward?