Newsletter (August 2018)


Welcome to a new year in Orchestra! The school year has begun and we’re going to have a great time in orchestra! I am excited about the opportunity to experience a wide variety of music with the students through the many activities we have planned. Orchestra at Middle School North is a unique experience in which its members should be proud to participate.

Students are given the opportunity for personal growth and enrichment through the study of orchestral music literature, string performance, and music history. The curriculum will emphasize practice of proper performance technique, study of music literature & history, and the exploration of musical expression through performance, composition, and improvisation. Students explore technology in music through computers, tablets, amplification, effects processing, and recording.

This year in orchestra will be a busy one! Both ensembles have many performances, contests, and will build lasting relationships with friends. Students will also participate in many other performances and contests during the year.

Chamber Orchestra performing with Maestro Lyra conducting.

Upcoming Events

Download the Orchestra Master Calendar for all Orchestra events. Please add these dates to your family calendar.

Monday, Aug 27 First Rehearsal Violins & Violas: bring your instrument to school! Cellos & Basses: can use school instruments.
Wednesday, Sept 5 Prima Musica Auditions After School. Students will be able to take the late bus home. Let Mr. Broach know that you want to audition!
Thursday, Sept 6 Orchestra Parent Meeting 5:45 PM – 6:30 PM @ MSN Orchestra Room
Saturday, Sept 22 ILMEA Audition Optional Event. Read more information at the ILMEA Festival page.
Thursday, Oct 25 Orchestra Concert Our first concert of the year! 7 PM @ MSN Cafeteria

Additional Performance Opportunities

Prima Musica warms up before performance at NIMCon Solo & Ensemble Contest 2018

In addition to the Chamber & Intermezzo Orchestras, students have the opportunity to audition for the following ensembles. If you are interested in auditioning, let me know.


  • Prima Musica Ensemble | Auditions: Wednesday, September 5 @ After School
  • Jazz Band | Auditions: Thursday, September 5 @ After School (for bass, piano, guitar players)
    • same day as Prima Auditions, we’ll make it work
  • ILMEA Festival | Auditions: Saturday, September 22 @ Round Lake HS

While not affiliated with LZMSN, I strongly encourage all orchestra students to take private lessons with a private teacher. Also, students may choose to participate in an additional outside of school orchestra. Some great youth orchestas include:


Student’s music using annotation app on iPad.

We continually make strides in technology and (as one who loves technology) students in orchestra will put it to use! All students here at MSN have their own iPad to use for the school year. With that in mind all orchestra students will be reading their orchestra music and much more from their iPads! My hope is to have a completely paperless classroom.

Sectional Classes (aka Lessons)

All orchestra students attend sectional classes once per week to work on instrument / grade level specific curricula. In these lessons students study many facets of music from instrumental performance, composition, improvisation, interpretation, music theory, music history, conducting, and much more. These lessons are an integral part of the orchestra curriculum as much of what is learned in these lessons is not covered during regular rehearsal time.


Stay tuned for a few things to purchase here at the beginning of the year soon (for example: orchestra polo, music theory book, etc.). During the year, any of these costs may be offset by participating in our annual pledge drive. You can also purchase Nuts & Candy at any time during the year. Check out our support the orchestra page!

Parent Volunteers Needed

We can always use parent volunteers for various events. If it weren’t for the assistance that many parents provide, orchestra would not be what it is today! Some volunteer opportunities available this year include:

  • Chaperones for Field Trips
  • Organize the Treat Table for Performances
  • Maintain Music Library
  • Fundraising


If you have any questions, please contact me at or (847) 719-3668. Email tends to be quicker.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone in the Orchestra Family to make this a great year!