Outstanding Performances!

Over the past few weeks, the orchestras have performed at various regional contests and clinics and have received great scores reflecting a job well done! The students have worked hard, paying careful attention to musical details such as: intonation, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, and much more. Here are the results from the past few weeks of stellar performances. Way to go Orchestra!

Solo & Ensemble Contest

On Saturday, February 23, 58 orchestra students performed at the NIMCon Solo & Ensemble Contest. Students performed a solo and/or in a small ensemble for a judge and received scores based on their performance. Congratulations to the students for their excellent performances.

Perfect Score Winners

Prima Musica Ensemble: Andrew B, Elijah C, Eddie E, Diana G, Matthew J, Jibraan K, Amelia K, Roxanne L, Charlie M, Ajay O, Zoe O, Sharanya R, Lynette S, & Brayden V

In addition to the above Perfect Score winners, Orchestra performers also received 42 First Place “Superior” Ratings and 6 Second Place “Excellent” Ratings.

NIMCon Music Festival

On Saturday, March 9, the Chamber Orchestra performed for a panel of three judges and received “Excellent” ratings from all judges! Following our performance, the judges worked with the orchestra on various things to improve. For example, making sure to have good balance when accompanying a soloist, performing short articulations for a good Baroque style, and having high expectations for all members of the ensemble.

Read & Listen to the judges comments below.

Hildebrand Music Invitational

On Tuesday, March 12, the Intermezzo Orchestra will be performing at the Hildebrand Music Invitational for two clinicians. These clinicians will work with the performers following the performance in a workshop aimed to improve various aspects of our performance. Pictures and more to come.

Read the clinicians’ comment sheets.