Doing All the Days with LZOrk

The following article is found in its original form at LZOrk Spring Concert: Thursday, May 16, 2019 | 7:00 p.m. | Lake Zurich Middle School North | 95 Hubbard Lane, Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047 | (847) 719-3600 For the fourth year running — they haven’t caught me yet! — The Viper has sprung the Spring as Read more about Doing All the Days with LZOrk[…]

…and it WAS another day.

by The Viper (original article at A couple weeks ago now, The Viper showed up on May 17, 2018 and did his duty as Composer in Residence with the Orchestras of Lake Zurich Middle School North under the direction of Mr. Riley Broach. You can read about this program and how we all approached it Read more about …and it WAS another day.[…]

It All Comes Down to This

Tomorrow night, the 17th day of May in the two-thousand-and-eighteenth year of our Common Era at precisely 7 bells of the postmeridian half of the day, we’ll be onstage at LZMSN to make some noise, break some eggs, make some omelettes — musically speaking. I’m just writing to wish you well on everything you’ll be Read more about It All Comes Down to This[…]

A Message from The Viper

Hey, Orchestras of the Lake of Zurich and the Middle School of the North. Yes! This is the Viper, and beginning on April 27, I’ll be coming — I hope — to vipe avay some of the cobvebs in your musical brains as I drag you kicking and screaming into the strange and wonderful world Read more about A Message from The Viper[…]

On the Road Again. Probably Hwy 45 Mostly.

by Ryan Jerving, The Viper The Viper, His Famous Orchestra, his ukulele, his jug, his suitcase, and his liver all make their way to down to Lake Zurich, Illinois this Friday, Nov. 17, to offer up a pre-Thanksgiving cornucopia of musical nourishment to the students and families of the Lake Zurich Middle School North Orchestras. Read more about On the Road Again. Probably Hwy 45 Mostly.[…]

We came, we sang, we kicked tubs!

Hey, good people… The orchestra concert last night was a great time! It was a musical celebration featuring music for singing, dancing, loving, gondoliering, and dreaming. Oh yeah, and nightmares too. The orchestras prepared their music for the past few months and showed off their hard work last night with some memorable moments. They performed music Read more about We came, we sang, we kicked tubs![…]

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? It’s The Viper

written by The Viper Middle school denizens of the Northern territory of District 95, Lake of Zurich, United State of Illinois: The Viper comes in peace but he comes with washtub, jug, and, probably a cümbüş (don’t ask) in hand. Beyond that date, there be monsters. But fear not: we’re just that good. I’m looking Read more about Knock, Knock. Who’s There? It’s The Viper[…]

A Viper’s Message to the Lake Zurich Middle School North Orchestras

Greetings from Earth, Orklings! Or at the very least, greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is your Composer in Residence, the Viper, and I wanted to drop a note to you all (and to Mr. Broach, too) thanking you for your hospitality and for the opportunity to meet with everyone last week. You’ve got a really Read more about A Viper’s Message to the Lake Zurich Middle School North Orchestras[…]