…and it WAS another day.

by The Viper (original article at theviper.org) A couple weeks ago now, The Viper showed up on May 17, 2018 and did his duty as Composer in Residence with the Orchestras of Lake Zurich Middle School North under the direction of Mr. Riley Broach. You can read about this program and how we all approached it Read more about …and it WAS another day.[…]

Maestro Lyra Conducts “Wo Wo Wo Bt” & “Uppa Buv”

On Friday, May 25, the Chamber Orchestra had the distinct pleasure of performing for a second time under the baton of Maestro Lyra Broachdóttir. Once again, the orchestra members were attentive to her subtle yet emotive gestures as they performed with great care to fully express the composer’s intent. The performance started with Dada’s arrangement Read more about Maestro Lyra Conducts “Wo Wo Wo Bt” & “Uppa Buv”[…]

Orchestra Celebrates with Awards Banquet (2018)

On Wednesday, May 23, the orchestra celebrated the end of the year at the annual Orchestra Awards Banquet. Together with band and chorus students, 261 students enjoyed an evening of fancy dinner, a DJ dance party, and an awards ceremony. It was a great night to reminisce on the past year and recognize students for Read more about Orchestra Celebrates with Awards Banquet (2018)[…]

It All Comes Down to This

Tomorrow night, the 17th day of May in the two-thousand-and-eighteenth year of our Common Era at precisely 7 bells of the postmeridian half of the day, we’ll be onstage at LZMSN to make some noise, break some eggs, make some omelettes — musically speaking. I’m just writing to wish you well on everything you’ll be Read more about It All Comes Down to This[…]

A Message from The Viper

Hey, Orchestras of the Lake of Zurich and the Middle School of the North. Yes! This is the Viper, and beginning on April 27, I’ll be coming — I hope — to vipe avay some of the cobvebs in your musical brains as I drag you kicking and screaming into the strange and wonderful world Read more about A Message from The Viper[…]

Newsletter (April 2018)

Upcoming Events DATE EVENT NOTES Friday, Apr 27 Composer in Residence Workshop #1 The Viper, our composer in residence, workshops with both orchestras and in 8th grade lessons. Tuesday, May 9 Composer in Residence Workshop #2 The Viper returns to workshop with both orchestras, in 6th grade lessons, and with Prima Musica. Thursday, May 17 Read more about Newsletter (April 2018)[…]

Reflections (March 2018)

We got through February & March in a blaze! The orchestra’s hard work paid off at our recent performances. On February 23, many students performed solos or in small ensembles at Solo & Ensemble Contest. Check out the performers who received perfect scores at the previous article, “Congratulations S&E Performers!“. Then on March 7, the Read more about Reflections (March 2018)[…]