We are learning to Collaborate!

So the other day, Mr. Broach was out sick and gave instructions to the Intermezzo Orchestra (6th graders) to run rehearsal with student conductors. Don’t worry it wasn’t anything new, as we had practiced many times with students conducting the orchestra. The only difference was that Mr. Broach wasn’t around to help out – just Read more about We are learning to Collaborate![…]

Maestro Lyra Conducts Beethoven

On Friday, May 26, the Chamber Orchestra had the distinct pleasure of performing under the baton of Maestro Lyra Broachdóttir. The orchestra members were attentive to her subtle yet emotive gestures as they performed with great care to fully express the composer’s intent. Maestro Lyra and the Chamber Orchestra opened with the First Movement of Beethoven’s Read more about Maestro Lyra Conducts Beethoven[…]

Orchestra Celebrates with Awards Banquet

Yesterday, the orchestra celebrated the end of the year at the annual Orchestra Awards Banquet. Together with band and chorus students, 251 students enjoyed an evening of fancy dinner, a DJ dance party, and awards ceremony. It was a great night to reminisce on the past year and recognize students for their stellar achievements! Award Read more about Orchestra Celebrates with Awards Banquet[…]

iPad GarageBand Band

Thanks to Performing Music Advocates (PMA) for the grant to make our iPad GarageBand Band come to life! Students were excited to tear open the shipping boxes full of our new portable mixer, speaker, and many cables. In just a few minutes they were plugged in and jamming on the 12-Bar Blues! Watch the video below. We also received Read more about iPad GarageBand Band[…]

Rockin’ with Simply Three!

Last Friday, orchestra students from Lake Zurich CUSD95 had a rocking workshop with Simply Three! Throughout the day, 4th – 8th grade orchestra students had 45-minute workshops with the trio where they performed with, learned from, and laughed with Simply Three. Watch the Combined North/South Chamber Orchestra as they perform “Counting Stars” with Simply Three! Watch the Combined Read more about Rockin’ with Simply Three![…]