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Solo & Ensemble Contest (2021)

February 20, 2021

On February 20, 2021, all 7th & 8th grade students and some 6th graders, will participate in Solo & Ensemble contest as part of the orchestra learning experience. Students may perform a solo if taking private lessons, or perform as part of a small ensemble, typically consisting of 2 to 5 performers. Students perform for a judge and receive scores in a number of categories: Intonation, Tone Production, Phrasing, Note/Pitch Accuracy, Articulation, Dynamics, Balance/Blend, and Stage Presence. Medals, including the coveted perfect score pin, will be awarded to those performers who receive high scores.


Cost is $8 per event per performer. For example, if you are performing a solo and one ensemble, your cost will be $16.

Also, Soloists Need a Piano Accompanist

If your child is performing a solo they will need a piano player to accompany them during their performance. Basically, the piano rounds out the performance and gives a foundation on which the soloist can shine. Also, there is a rule that all solos must have piano accompaniment and, if not, the performer’s score will be lowered.

If you have a piano player to accompany you already, great! Let me know.

If you don’t have a piano player, then you should contact Norreen Klemens at 847-971-8208 (text or call). She charges $TBA for two rehearsals and, of course, the performance. Please do so ASAP as her fee may go up as we near the contest as she needs time to practice the pieces for your child.

Register for Contest

Students, be sure to let Mr. Broach know what you plan to perform. View the sign-up sheet at: Solo & Ensemble Master Sign-Ups. Let Mr. Broach know if any corrections need to be made by November 26.

Do you want to perform a Solo?

  • I strongly recommend you be taking private lessons as I will not be able to work with you as much as if you would be in a small ensemble.
  • You will need to “hire” a piano accompanist as all solo pieces must be performed with a piano accompaniment. A list of piano players is available in the orchestra room.
  • You can only perform one solo (per instrument).

Do you want to perform in an Ensemble?

  • You can perform in as many ensembles as you like, though I recommend focus on one instead of spreading focus over many.
  • If you choose like instruments, we will be able to practice during your sectional classes. However, if you choose an ensemble with different instruments you will need to find time outside of normal class time to rehearse.
  • Be sure to choose friends that you will be able to get together with to practice. Also, it’s always best to be on similar motivation levels.

Day of Contest

  • Performance Schedule & Room Assignments
    • The schedule will be published 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Please leave the whole morning and afternoon free as we do not know our times yet.
    • Plan on arriving 30-60 minutes prior to your performance time.
    • Parking may be scarce. Parents may have to drop off students and then go find parking.
    • When you arrive, report to the String Warm-Up Room to check in with me. I will help you tune and give your parent the original music for the judge. 
  • Information Packet (from host school)
    • Will be available closer to the event.
    • please download and read (parking, school maps, directions, concessions, etc.)
  • More General Information on Contest
    • static information that does not change from year to year


Clothing for the day should be dressy. No jeans, sweats, or leggings. Dress/skirts, ties, etc. is appropriate.

Rules, Conduct, & Policies

Please remind students of proper conduct and behavior. Students should respect the host building, contest signs, and all content within the school. It is also important that students remain quiet in the hallways outside of performance areas. Instruments should only be played in warm-up and performance rooms. A parent or adult should be with students at all times. All rules and regulations will follow in accordance with the Northern Illinois Music Conference Constitution and By-Laws.


February 20, 2021
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