April 23, 2018

LZMSN Orchestra

The orchestra program at Lake Zurich Middle School North offers students an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment through the study of orchestral music literature, string performance, and music history. The curriculum will emphasize proper performance technique, study of music literature and history, and the exploration of musical expression through performance, composition, and improvisation. Students explore technology in music through amplification, effects processing, recording, and much more.

Three ensembles are offered in orchestra. Sixth grade students make up the Intermezzo Orchestra and the seventh and eighth grade students make up the Chamber Orchestra. Both of these orchestras rehearse every day for 30 minutes as a large ensemble and each student receives group sectionals once a week on a rotating schedule. In rehearsals, students not only prepare orchestral music for performance but also work on musical projects such as composing, improvising, conducting, and rehearsing in small ensembles. Students may also audition to be part of the Prima Musica Ensemble, which meets once a week after school.

Mr. Broach began directing the orchestras 2002. Since then the program has grown significantly in members, equipment, and support.

The Orchestra Design: Orchestra is designed with giving opportunities for students to be artists striving to communicate through music.

Student Comments on MSN Orchestra

  • Orchestra is one of the highlights of the day because it is fun. I appreciate music and think music is fantastic to play.
  • Orchestra is my favorite thing in the WORLD!
  • Orchestra is the thing that makes me want to come to school.
  • Orchestra is a very big part of my life and I want to do as best as I possibly can to keep first chair from practices and lessons through my middle and high school experiences.
  • Orchestra is very fun and gives me a chance to express myself through music.
  • I think our whole orchestra has learned a lot and has really bonded over time!
  • I learned to help others and to write down notes in the music.
  • I enjoy coming to my lessons for a break from my other school work and to learn new things on my cello. At home, I practice every day for at least a half hour. I’m not exaggerating.
  • I love orchestra so much. I like how we have events for orchestra, it makes us feel really good that we get to perform. Orchestra is so much fun!!!
  • Watching TV isn’t as necessary as doing homework or practicing my instrument.
  • The Orchestra Trip was a trip that I will never forget!
  • I like participating in orchestra as it makes me feel smarter than many others because I can do something many cannot.