May 8, 2018

Orchestra Design

Essential Understanding

  • Perform with understanding to convey the composer’s intent.
  • Students are performing artists.

Essential Questions

  • What directions did the composer give me to perform this piece?
  • How do I perform these instructions effectively?
  • How do I create an artistic and memorable performance?
  • How can we have fun in orchestra but still get the hard work done?
  • How can we become independent musicians?

Students will know and be able to…

  • …convey the composer’s intent.
  • …create memorable performances that engage the audience (live or recorded).
  • …evaluate, diagnose, and fix own and others’ problems.
  • …connect musical elements to history, culture, language, other arts, mathematics, science, etc.
  • …delve into the music, and experience that gives escape and enjoyment.


  • Performances and Contests.
  • Informal assessment in weekly sectionals and daily rehearsals.
  • Formal performance assessments every quarter (online and in sectionals).
  • Utilize the Top-In-Out Strategy in self-assessment.
  • Written reflections (quarterly and/or after significant events).