May 8, 2018

Ork Bjord

Ork Bjord, aka Orchestra Board

The orchestra board is a team whose goal is to assist Mr. Broach in making the MSN Orchestras run smoothly and enjoyably. The orchestra board members work well together on all projects and all members’ votes carry equal weight in decisions. Orchestra board member will exhibit outstanding behavior in all rehearsals and concert situations and will seek to set examples to other orchestra students in their work and practice habits. Each orchestra board member will perform the duties included in their job description and any other duties required by the director.


Year 8th Grade 7th Grade 6th Grade
2016-2017 Freya F, Nathan B, William C, Sam B Sharanya R, Lynette S, Roxanne L Neha S
2016-2017 Peter F, Jora P, Annette S Freya F Sharanya R, Lynette S
2015-2016 Iman B, Nandini R, Brad S, Jason S, Bryan S Kaushik J, Freya F,
2014-2015 Aralia P Iman B, Nandini R, Brad S, Jason S, Bryan S  Kaushik J,
2013-2014 Meggie F, Hannah K,
Alli S
Aralia P,
Jacob S,
William G,
Matthew M, Peter Z
Jason S, Brad S
2012-2013 Brianne S, Jason W, Leisha G Meggie F,
Alli S, Hannah K,
Matthew M, Aralia P, William G, Jacob S, Peter Z
2011-2012 Elizabeth G Meggie F
2010-2011 Hannah B, Emma S, Rachel M, Kristina W Caitlin W, Riley C Jayme P, Brianne S, Isaac S, Jason W, Wagme R, Zach B
2009-2010 Dorothy P, Stephanie H, Eric X, Daniel A Grace D, Elly R, Danielle R, Emma E, Grace M, Madiha M
2008-2009 Allie N, Monica W, Kate D, Chandler B, Joe G Eric X, Casey D, Cynthia S Grace D, Austin H, Nicole H
2007-2008 Maggie M, Emily E, Sean D, Peter B Allie N Cynthia S, Eric X, Matt M