May 8, 2018

Performances & Events

School Performances

Halloween Concert (October) – Every year, around Halloween the orchestras perform Halloween themed music. Each year has a special theme where Mr. Broach and students dress up in sometimes scary, sometimes funny costumes.

Holiday / Pops Concert (December) – Every year, in the middle of December, the orchestra perform Holiday and Pop Music.

District Festival & North StringFest (Spring) – Every other year, all orchestra¬†members¬†district wide (4-12th grade) perform in the District Festival at the HS Field House. Opposite this festival, on the other years, the orchestras from MSN, SL, MW, and SP perform in the North StringFest. These festivals are an excellent opportunity for orchestra students, families, and community members to witness all stages of students’ performance ability.

Spring Formal Concert (March) – Near the end of every school year, the orchestras perform standard classical music. Most often this music coincides with music performed at state contests.


Solo and Ensemble Contest (February) – Every year on a Saturday in February, 7th & 8th grade orchestra students participate in Solo & Ensemble Contest. Sixth grade students are encouraged to participate as well. Students may perform a solo or as part of a small ensemble, typically consisting of 2 to 5 players. Cost for participation is typically $5 per student per event.

Organization Contest (March/April) – Every year, on a Friday/Saturday, the Chamber Orchestra participates in Organization Contest. The Chamber Orchestra prepares three pieces and performs to three judges who score the performance. Medals may be awarded based on the score.

Other Performances

University of Illinois Orchestra Consortium (November) – Every year, the Intermezzo Orchestra participates in the University of Illinois Orchestra Consortium held at Niles West HS in Skokie, IL. As a combined orchestra with students MSS, these students perform for two esteemed professors from the University as well as receive a post-performance rehearsal clinic.

BOC Assembly (December) – Every year in December the orchestras (along with the band and chorus) perform for the entire school at the BOC Assembly. It is a great opportunity for students to share their musical accomplishment with their peers. As unique individuals that participate in an endeavor that so many others do not, the orchestra students take pride in what they have accomplished. Research continually shows that the study of music affects the brain in ways that no other subject can. Orchestra students are gaining a unique education and with it a unique set of skills, knowledge, and perspective. We are not simply performing for our peers and the MSN Faculty, but also sharing these concepts of the unique perspective that music education can allow.

Bistro Nite (February) – Every year, a few days prior to Solo and Ensemble Contest, the BOC programs host Bistro Nite in the MSN Cafetorium. Bistro Nite is an evening of music, a social gathering, and a chance for students to perform their solo or ensemble before the big day at S&E Contest. This is no regular concert where the audience sits and listens quietly. This is an evening where all are welcome to come and go when they please. Audience members can stay as long as desired to enjoy the performances, eat good bake-sale food, mingle with others, and have a great time! Be sure to bring money for treats.