December 1, 2015

Support the Orchestra

Thank you for your support to the orchestra program. You can donate in a number of ways to help support various programs in orchestra.

  • Annual Pledge Drive (receive gifts and recognition, information will be sent out every year)
  • Candy & Nuts (order candy and nuts from our onlineĀ store atĀ
    • Premium quality nuts & candy delivered straight to your door!
    • Orchestra receives 20% of sales.

LZOrk Donors

Your gift of support for the Lake Zurich MS North Orchestras will help ignite sparks of curiosity about music that lead to transforming experiences. Thank you!

Maestro Circle (donations of $100 or more)
Bejnarowicz Family
Feng Family
Hedy & Robert Hirsch
Rao Family
Anonymous Donor

Concertmaster Club (donations of $50-99)
Barboza Family
Robert Broach
Brown Family
Chialdikas Family
Edwards-Amberg Family
Farb Family
Freimark Family
Gajowniczek Family
Kim Family
Looper Family

Virtuoso Club (donations of $30-49)
Jermak Family
Khan Family
Liang Family
Misius Family
Sivakumar Family
Slattery Family
Zalewski Family

Bravissimo Club (donations of $20-29)
Ha Family
John Jones
Morse & Blass Family
Schwab Family
Suk Family
Wang & Boziloff Family
Zuchnik Family

Patrons of the Orchestra (donations of $10-19)
Christopher Broach