May 8, 2018

Prima Musica

Prima Musica 2014-15

Prima Musica 2014-15

Prima Musica is an auditioned ensemble that meets once a week after school. Students are required to learn much of the challenging music on their own outside of rehearsal.

The ensemble is an outlet for students who thrive on more challenging music as well as taking greater ownership in the collaborative performance ensemble process. These students work hard on their instruments inside and outside of school. To them, there is no musical boundary of “what happens in school” vs. “what happens at home”. They strive to create meaningful performances with like-minded performers.


Auditions take place in the beginning of the year, typically during the third or fourth week of school. However, auditions may be reopened in the middle of the school year – typically at the beginning of third quarter.

Typical Performance “Gigs”

  • October Halloween Concert @ MSN
  • Winter Prelude Orchestra Concert (5th Grade Orchestra) @ PAC
  • Winter Holiday / Pops Concert @ MSN
  • Winter BOC Assembly @ MSN
  • February Solo & Ensemble Contest
  • Spring Prelude Orchestra Concert (5th Grade Orchestra) @ Elementary School?
  • Spring Young Author’s Celebration @ PAC
  • Spring Orchestra Concert @ MSN
  • …and sometimes more


  • Violin: Lynette S, Sharanya R, Diana G, Roxanne L, Amelia K, Elijah C, Zoe O
  • Viola: Matthew J, Charlie M
  • Cello: Eddie E, Alex K
  • Bass: Andrew B

Former Members

  • 2017-18: Dylan D, Emma R, Jacob K, Lynette S, Ryan K, Sharanya R, Diana G, Amelia K, Jazmyn D | Nathan B, William C, Sam B, Freya F, Nikko G, Michelle F | Savannah M, Jibraan K | Rewa S, Andrew B
  • 2016-17: Annette S, Peter F, Dylan D, Lynette S, Roxanne L, Sharanya R, Ryan K | Madeleine L, Sam B, Nathan B | Jora P, Olivia N, Madison C | Xander V, Rewa S, Andrew B
  • 2015-16: Andrew O, Alex T, Nandini R, Annette S, Peter F, Dylan D | Suzie M | Josh P, Jora P, Genna W | Iman B
  • 2014-15: William G, Phil L, Andrew O, Nandini R | Suzie M | Josh P | Matthew M, Iman B
  • 2013-14: Hannah K, William G, Thomas Y, Andrew O, Maya W | Brennan G, Jacob S, Hanna A, Andrew J | Chloe F
  • 2012-13: Francesca C, Jayme P | Brennan G | Noah S | Prithu P
  • 2011-12: Bokun L, Ryan K, Chris Y, Francesca C Anmol N | Angela K | Francis K, Noah S
  • 2010-11: Grace D, Bokun L, Austin H | – | Spencer M | –
  • 2009-10: Daniel A, Bokun L | Andy T | Casey D | –

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