May 8, 2018

Parent-Teacher Conferences

At various times throughout the year, MSN schedules conferences for parents and teachers to meet to discuss the student’s progress or (hopefully not) a lack of progress. 🙂

In orchestra, Mr. Broach will share specific information on your child’s participation in orchestra. Specifically, we will discuss the following categories: Performance Development, Project Quality, Sense of Community, and Sectional Class Engagement. You can read more about these categories in the Orchestra “Grading (“Policy”) page.

We can also talk about the many musical opportunities for students such as: Private Lessons, A Musician’s Brain, Ork Bjord, Prima Musica, Solo & Ensemble Contest, and much more.

As one who loves the rich tradition of orchestral music AND the innovative use of new technology, we can explore together how we use technology in orchestra class. Examples include: reading music from iPads, recording, tuner apps, and much more.

Upcoming Events (2016)

  • Intermezzo Orchestra Field Trip (Nov 10)
  • Solo & Ensemble Contest Registration (Nov 21)
  • …more events listed in Newsletters.

If you have any questions, please contact me at You can also search this site ( for any information you might need.