May 29, 2018

Summer Opportunities

Not sure what to do musically over the summer?
There are so many possibilities to keep playing over the summer.

D95 Summer Orchestra

The easiest one is to join the D95 Summer Orchestra Program. It runs for three weeks, Monday through Thursday during the normal summer school schedule. It is a great chance to play with a lot of good musicians and there is something for every age level. More information can be found at the district website at, then follow the summer school links to register. Consider joining even if you have to miss some days, or even a full week.

Registration Deadline: May 16, 2018

Set Practicing Goals

Another playing idea is to set practicing goals. Maybe make a recording of some music at the beginning of the summer. Then, after working on it throughout the summer, record it again. Listen to both and hear the improvement.

iPad Music Apps

Record yourself playing on your instrument into GarageBand. You can set up a drum beat, put in headphones, and then record yourself performing on your instrument on top of that drum beat. Create additional tracks over the first recording. Be sure to use headphones to listen to the music as you record your instrument part. You don’t want to re-record what you already created onto the new track by not using headphones.

You can also try out the app called Acapella to record yourself performing multiple parts in a split screen video!

Take Private Lessons

Want to become really good at your instrument? One sure way to do so is to take private lessons. Check out the list of private teachers.

Prepare for ILMEA

Music available in the Drive.

  • Audition @ September 22 – Round Lake HS
  • Festival @ November 3 – Schaumburg HS

ILMEA Audition 2018

Other Summer Ensembles

Other Ideas

Be creative and keep yourself playing over the summer. don’t lose the progress made over the past year.

  • have a family concert
  • perform in the community
  • have group practice sessions with friends
  • get some new music and play along with the CDs that often come with the books
  • go online and search out some cool websites about your instrument
  • go hear a concert at Ravinia

Instrument Care & Check-Up

It is also important to make sure your instrument is in perfect playing condition. Even professionals, who handle their instruments delicately and cautiously, get their instruments check out at least once per year. Don’t go just anywhere to get your delicate instrument worked on. Take your instrument to your rental place or if you own it, I recommend you take your instrument to a trusted luthier (string instrument maker) so they can give your instrument a tune-up. Local luthiers include: