May 14, 2018

Pledge Drive

Orchestra Pledge Drive 2019-20

$2,355 of $1,851 raised

Please help the orchestra raise money to fund the Composer in Residence Project and more! Receive recognition and a gift as a thank you for your support.

Last year we raised $1850, so let’s see if we can raise more!

Composer in Residence Project

We are excited to continue our fifth year with our Composer in Residence, Dr. Ryan Jerving, aka “The Viper.” As our very own living composer, The Viper gives the students of the orchestra an opportunity to experience a broad range of musical endeavors. In The Viper’s words…

As a group, we’re going to figure out how to provide [a] skeleton song with musical blood and flesh and sinews and nerves and hair and pimples and a backstory and dreams for the future and a voice for singing about it all.

read more of what The Viper says in his Message to the Orchestra

In other words, The Viper brings outlines of a few songs to the orchestras and then together they work out an arrangement of the song that we can call our own.

Please consider donating to fund our Composer in Residence Project.

Other Opportunities

Depending on the amount we raise, we can also invite professional musicians to perform and clinic with our orchestras at in-school field trips! This may include…

  • A private professional string quartet performance in our classroom. (~$500)
  • Violin, Viola, Cello, & Bass master classes from professional musicians. (~$200 each)
  • A conductor clinician to work with our full orchestras as we near contest performances. (~$200)

The Pledge Drive will end on Friday, Jan 10. 

Donation Levels

All donation levels receive name recognition and a thank you in concert programs and other publications.

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  1. Make a check payable to "CUSD95"
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  4. Please send your check with your child or mail to:

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